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YOUR Impact This World Environment Day

June 04, 2021

This year we want to celebrate World Environment Day by taking a moment to appreciate the impact each one of our supporters has been able to help us achieve by working alongside Save the Elephants. During a time where the rest of the world shut down, our supporters stepped up and provided Save the Elephants the support they needed to push forward.

“In a world full of uncertainty you gave protection, hope and new life. To reach out over thousands of miles across the globe to save a species, and support co-existence with human beings is one of the most idealistic and altruistic actions you can take. We are in awe of your kindness.” Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Founder, Save the Elephants

With COVID limiting the human population traveling through Samburu, the Save the Elephant’s Team was able to spend more time protecting and monitoring the elephants. They were able to collar and track over 25 elephants across the environment collecting almost 150,000 data points teaching us more about the elephants behavior. Their research further helped them identify almost 100 baby elephants that had been born in the wild. This peace and serenity has helped the environment heal while the rest of the world focused on the pandemic.

At the same time, the Save the Elephants team has been hard at work helping the local communities thrive despite the pandemic. The team has been able to support community members' education so that they can grow into true members of the conservation world. This education is crucial for developing communities so the local population can learn to thrive alongside elephants rather than view them as an obstacle to their wellbeing. Save the Elephants’ focus on healing not only the elephants but the local communities is pivotal to the well being of the environment.


While our environment is filled with our beautiful elephant friends across Africa, each of us has an environment in our own backyards that is ours to protect and live alongside. This World Environment Day take a moment in your own environment to appreciate what you have and take steps to protect it.  

Click Here to View the 2020 Save the Elephants Impact Report




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