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Life Is Sweet

May 16, 2021

Life Is Sweet

Over here at Ivory Ella, we KNOW summer is for bright colors and fruity drinks!πŸ‰ If you are in agreement, then our Life Is Sweet collection is THE perfect addition to your warmer-weather closet!β›…


To get you thinking about some healthy snacks and deliciously sweet treats, we are sharing some of our favorite flavored water creations. As a summer to-do, we challenge you to try them out while wearing your new IE!πŸ˜πŸ’•

Strawberry + Mint - We added the mint for a natural cooling taste and the strawberries for a vitamin C & K boost! FUN TIP: once you plant mint in your outside garden, it will grow like a weed! It doesn't need much maintenance and is the perfect addition to any summer recipe (like pasta salad + homemade iced tea!)

Cucumber + Blueberry + Lemon - Nothing says relax like the taste of cucumber! It also promotes natural hydration and your skin loves itβ€”AKA your sunburn will forgive you... eventually. We also added in some blueberries for an antioxidant kick and lemon to help detox from the day!

Blackberry + Lime - Its blackberry season, which means the sweeter the berry the sweeter the... water! And because recharging encourages rebalance, we added lime to harmonize with the luscious berry notes. Not to mention, they are huge immunity boosters, which is essential when you are recovering from a long summer day.


We hope you are now feeling summer ready! Shop out Life Is Sweet collection now to look great while crafting up some good-for-you drinks!πŸ’



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