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Be A Keystone In Your Community

August 12, 2018

Happy World Elephant Day! We love this kind species and truly admire the way they live. We celebrate these gentle giants every day at Ivory Ella and feel passionate about sharing facts with you that you may have not known before. Did you know?

Photo credit: Jane Wynyard, Save The Elephants
"African elephants associate with one another, living together in tight groups for up to 50 years and develop strong family bonds." - Save The Elephants

Outside their family, they also play a critical roll in their environment. As a keystone species, other species largely depend on them. Meaning, without them the entire ecosystem would drastically change or potentially cease to exist.

When others depend on you, it can be a major responsibility, but it can also have an extremely positive impact. So, in honor of today, we came up with 5 ways you can: 

Elephants are leaders, and you can be too. It's never too late to start and one person is all it takes to make a difference. You are an important part of your community and have the ability to make an impact on the world around you. Celebrate elephants on their day by spreading love across and caring for your ecosystem.

"Building positive attitudes towards wildlife is integral to ensuring co-existence and harmonious living between humans and wildlife. Our 2016 survey of five schools within Samburu-Isiolo conservation area showed an increase in positive attitudes by students towards elephants from 39% to 61%.” - Consolata Kithinji, Education Officer, Save The Elephants

Photo courtesy of Save The Elephants


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