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Create Your Own Mood Board!

August 04, 2018

Our newest collection is full of bold colors and detailed prints and we LOVE everything about it. This is your chance to make your room (whether it's at home or at school) a bohemian dream. Need some inspo? We got you. Our designer shared her "behind the collection" mood board as an exclusive inside peek to help you get started. 

First, start with a color palette. Here are the 6 colors that inspired this collection:

Next, think about what you need. Do you want to give your room a full makeover or just start with a few things? We focused on loungewear, bedding and decor. Each item in this collection compliments the other and can give your room an identity without completely taking over. 

Here is our boho mood board: GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Boho isn't you? Take a look at our Zodiac mood board! You can shop the collection here: IT IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS.

Lastly, it's your room, embrace your style! Not everything has to match; take it one day at a time. Play around with items you already own and remember to stick to your palette! Feel free to pull from this post and use the images to fill in your mood board. 

Always think about color, texture and design. Don't be scared to dream big  ✌🏻✨

Save these phone backgrounds to help when you're shopping (out or online!), you never know when you'll find something that matches your style!




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