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What's In Your New Bottle?

June 15, 2018

Summer is about staying cool and our new multi-print water bottle owns up to every sense of the word. Although the new season has already started for most of us, we're finally just days away from true relaxation mode.

This new bottle will keep you hydrated, hold your favorite recipes and most importantly, help save the planet (check out our simple tips at the end).

For inspiration, we are sharing some of our favorite flavored water creations. As a summer to-do, we challenge you to come up with unique recipes of your own and share them with us! #ivoryellalifestyle 🐘💕

Strawberry + Mint
- We added the mint for a natural cooling taste and the strawberries for a vitamin C & K boost! FUN TIP: once you plant mint in your outside garden, it will grow like a weed! It doesn't need much maintenance and is the perfect addition to any summer recipe (like pasta salad + homemade iced tea!)

Cucumber + Blueberry + Lemon
- Nothing says relax like the taste of cucumber! It also promotes natural hydration and your skin loves it—AKA your sunburn will forgive you... eventually. We also added in some blueberries for an antioxidant kick and lemon to help detox from the day!

Blackberry + Lime
- Its blackberry season, which means the sweeter the berry the sweeter the... water! And because recharging encourages rebalance, we added lime to harmonize with the luscious berry notes. Not to mention, they are huge immunity boosters, which is essential when you are recovering from a long summer day.


Lastly, the start of a recipe that will help in saving the planet, one day at a time. First, we used our Ivory Ella bag (also known as the beach tote) as a reusable grocery bag. We've found it holds a ton and is most likely already in your car! Next time your at the store, skip the plastic and save in style! Second, this bottle can be hand-washed and used all day, every day. Challenge yourself to carry it with you all summer and see how many plastic bottles you can save in just a day's time. Now that you have these two simple steps try them out and see how many ingredients you can add when doing your part in making a difference.

We hope you are feeling summer ready. Shop now for this multi-print bottle and don't forget to share your summer photos!



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June 14, 2018

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