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Team Megan Night!

September 19, 2017

This year, the Coal City High School Varsity Volleyball Team will be wearing Ivory Ella's Childhood Cancer Awareness shirts - a collaboration with Megan Bugg - for their annual “Team Megan Night” fundraiser game on Tuesday, September 26.

The word TEAM has played a major role throughout this whole month and Ivory Ella is honored to support this game with shirts that have taken on a life of their own. Whether through collaboration, heightening voices or supporting a cause there has always been one end goal; to stand in numbers because no one should ever have to battle alone. As a united team, we all remain hopeful and will continue to fight for a cure, together.

In celebration of Team Megan Night we took it to the team itself to learn more about Megan's involvement and the difference she continues to make. Good luck, girls!

Q: What role does Megan play both on a personal and a competitive level?

A: Lauren P - Not only does it give me inspiration, but her fight pushes me to want to win ours for her.
A: Kayla R - On a personal and competitive level, Megan is a very hard worker. Megan strives to do well and pushes herself every day.
A: Sydney W - Megan is a motivator. As a part of the team, it means a lot to have her cheer us on in the stands. Megan is also a collaborator. She gives us ideas to raise funds and awareness.
A: Makenna C - Every day Megan pushes me to become an overall stronger person. She makes me want to try harder for everything and never give up.

Q: What sort of energy does Megan bring to the team?

A: Lauren P - Megan brings a sort of happiness and calmness.
A: Brook C - Megan's energy makes me want to be the greatest I can be. Her fight inspires me to play as hard as I can.
A: Sydney C - She is truly an inspiration to us. She teaches us to be grateful and not take our passions for granted.
A: Kayla R - Megan brings a very positive and bright energy to the team. She makes everyone laugh and keeps the smiles going. She is hilarious and just brings so much positive energy to everyone.
A: Sydney W - Megan brings the team positive energy - she's a tough person and inspires each one of us to keep fighting.
A: Olivia S - Megan brings positivity and strength to our team. She pushed us to fight for everything no matter how hard it may be.
A: Blaire - She brings a lot of happiness.
A: Makenna C - For me and a lot of my teammates, Megan brings SO much energy and strength to this team. One day she came to our practice to give us the Childhood Cancer Awareness shirts and just her sitting and watching made the practice better. The best is when she started to play; she was having a great time. She made us all laugh and smile the rest of the time.

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A: Ali B - Megan brings such a positive energy to our team. She always brings good vibes to each practice and game!
A: Makenzie H - Megan's energy picks us up and makes us ready to play harder.

Q: Megan is your teammate and friend - what is one word you would use to describe her? Tell us why.

A: Lauren PCOURAGEOUS. She motivates all of us to be strong because she never gives up.
A: Brook CSTRONG. Megan is very strong in many ways. She never gives up and has a strong mental game.
A: Sydney CMOTIVATIONAL. She motivates me to count my blessings and cherish my loved ones.
A: Kayla RFIERCE. Megan is fierce in every aspect of her life. She is fierce when it comes to sports and fierce when it comes to fighting for a cure.
A: Sydney W - WARRIOR. I describe Megan as a warrior because she never gives up and keeps fighting, while always remaining positive.
A: Olivia S - PASSIONATE. She is determined to kick cancers butt and continues to fight everday. Megan never gives up and motivates me to cherish every moment I have.
A: Blaire - She is a FIGHTER and an INSPIRATION. She's been through a lot and she's been so strong about it.
A: Makenna C STRONG WILLED. She always fights hard for everything. She never ceases to amaze me.
A: Ali BDETERMINED. Megan was always ready to take down one of our competitors in volleyball, therefore I am positive that Megan can 100% take down this enemy once and for all.
A: Makenzie HINSPIRATIONAL. She has the ability to inspire and lift those around her despite the troubles she is going through.

Q: I'm sure you have heard of or seen the shirt that Megan designed for Ivory Ella + Childhood Cancer. On September 26, Ivory Ella is able to provide team shirts in support of the game's mission to raise money for Childhood Cancer Awareness. What does it mean to you to be able to wear Ivory Ella for your big game knowing the connection it now has to her?

A: Lauren P - I couldn't be more honored to represent Megan and Ivory Ella. The extremely generous donation to us only makes me want to fight harder like she does, everyday.
A: Brook C - I feel honored to represent Megan and Ivory Ella. I am so happy to support my teammate Megan.
A: Sydney C - Honestly, it means so much. Playing the best I can with her in my heart is truly humbling. 
A: Kayla R - I love the IE shirts. To know that Megan partnered with them to make beautiful shirts is so cool! Megan's always rocking IE. I love that IE is all about giving back to the elephants and then to learn that they are giving back to children because of a shirt Megan created is beyond amazing!
A: Sydney W - I am so proud and blessed to be Megan's friend! To be a part of this cause and support her in this way is extremely meaningful to our team, school and community.
A: Olivia S - I am so proud to wear Megan's shirt for the game because it still shows that she is a part of our team. Even if she isn't out on the court with us I know she will ALWAYS be cheering us on. The shirt gives us a constant reminder to fight.
A: Blaire - It means the world to me to know when I'm warming up I'm supporting Megan along with childhood cancer. I honestly couldn't be more honored.
A: Makenna C - It means so much to be able to wear clothes that have such a powerful meaning. I think her design is amazing.
A: Makenzie H - The IE shirts offer us a way to make her part of the team and brings us all so much closer together.

Q: Volleyball has always been an important aspect of Megan's life both on and off the floor. What does her integrity and spirit mean to you?

A: Lauren P - Having her in the gym just makes everyone so much happier. The best practices are when she comes in.
A: Brook C - Megan's integrity and spirit is always with us somehow. Even when she's not physically here, her spirit always pushes me to give 110%.
A: Sydney C - She pushes me to go the extra mile and give 110% at all times.
A: Kayla R - Megan's integrity and spirit to me means a lot. She comes to volleyball games and supports us even though she is not out there with us. She is always the one who is up in spirits whether she's having a good day or not. I love that aspect about her.
A: Sydney W - Megan and I began playing volleyball together in school and played travel ball in 6th grade. We were partners on the court and setters on our teams. I'm so pleased that she has not let her disease break her and the connection + love she has for volleyball. 
A: Olivia S - Megan's spirit pushes me to be the best I can be.
A: Blaire - Seeing her in the gym makes me so happy.
A: Makenna C - Megan's integrity and spirit brings so much more meaning and life to all of the local city volleyball teams.

Q: As a competitor you know what it's like to fight with all you have. What has it been like to see Megan on this journey? Has it shaped your life in any way?

A: Lauren P - It has been so inspiring to see Megan push through all her obstacles. It has shaped my life so much and I am so humbled by her. Every home game Megan wears my throw out jersey with my name and number. To know that I have someone so amazing representing me pushes me to fight harder for my beautiful friend.
A: Brook C - I've been friends with Megan since 5th grade so seeing her on this journey has definitely shaped my life. Through the ups and downs I always knew Megan would never give up. From playing volleyball I knew she wouldn't give up without putting up her hardest fight.
A: Sydney C - Humbling - I realized I need to focus my energy on things that really matter.
A: Kayla R - To see Megan on this journey is incredible. Cancer sucks, but she's kicking its butt! Megan has been killing it every day fighting for a cure. She never gives up and always continues to fight. Megan's journey has shaped me in so many miraculous ways. She teaches me and so many others to continue to fight every day. She is a strong believer in hope because she's never going to give up. Megan is not alone on this journey. SO many people love and cherish how amazing she is. She's spontaneous, hilarious and an amazing person and friend to everyone. WE love you Meg, no one fights alone!
A: Sydney W - I'm in awe of Megan's strength. I don't know if I could be as brave as she is; I try to complain less and appreciate more. It makes my problems insignificant.
A: Blaire - It has been very inspiring to me because she's been through it all and to have her be so determined to help other kids like her is just awesome to me.
A: Makenna C - Seeing Megan on this journey has inspired me to work hard every day and be grateful for everything in my life. It's really shaped my overall character and it's amazing. We love you Meg!
A: Ali B - In my opinion, watching Megan fight her journey is like playing against one of our hardest competitors -- sometimes they score on us, but we always score on them.

All photos were taken from Megan Bugg's Journey Blog, her journey through cancer as told by her father.




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