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Motivational Monday, Why We Give Back!

June 04, 2018

Taking a trip to the zoo is always an experience, one that is brought on by the many walks of life that inhabit the space. When given the chance to name the Elephant Yard, Ivory Ella saw it as another unique opportunity to support the magnificent mammals it is named after.

Our missionto eliminate the elephant crisis and inspire the next generation to take actionfalls in line with part of the platform that Roger Williams Park Zoo has built in support of elephants existing for many years to come. Together, we are creating awareness around animal conservation and the importance of securing a future for elephants and how that contributes to the world as a whole.

On Sunday, June 3, we joined in on elephant education day held at the Elephant Barn (one of our favorite locations!) at RWPZ that included tours from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. During the walkthrough, guests were able to talk with the animal keepers who work with the Zoo’s African elephants Alice, Ginny, and Kate at four different locations throughout the barn. At each area, keepers discussed various aspects of their interactions with the girls, answered all questions and allowed time for guests to take photos of the inside of the barn. In part, we were on hand to answer questions about Ivory Ella’s participation, our commitment to the zoo and why this event was important to us from a conservation standpoint. It was an honor to help with educating guests about the very animal we all love.

Spending the day at the zoo was another great opportunity for our employees to draw parallels to what other elephant lovers want to know about the species, especially when thinking about future educational opportunities. Our support for RWPZ reinforces our appreciation for the ability for us all to receive accessibility to learning right in our own backyard.

We believe in making a difference, no matter how big or small, and inspiring others to do the same. Having just celebrated our 3rd birthday, we are more committed than ever and will continue to donate 10% of our profits to do our part in ending the elephant crisis that exists today. When we all put in a hand to help to save the elephants we are also protecting many other species and the ecosystem we share; their loss is a loss that can be felt by the whole world.



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