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Kendra Dandy X Ivory Ella

May 01, 2018

It's a new month and we are ready for warmer weather, brighter colors and one-of-a-kind prints. Today, we released two new Ella Fit tees in neon mint and orchid that were hand-illustrated by Kendra Dandy. It is our first time collaborating with an outside artist and these personalized Ivory Ella elephants—with a more mature and whimsical look—are a project we are proud of. As her website states, Dandy is known for her surface patterns, fashion illustrations, beauty illustrations and more.

As a brand, we want to push the limits and continue to create looks that can be celebrated, styled and customized by our many elephant lovers. Much like these prints, we challenge you to be bright, be bold and always BE YOU! #ivoryellalifestyle

To further celebrate this collab, we interviewed the artist herself. This question and answer session offers a unique perspective into Kendra Dandy's creative process:


Q: Where did your inspiration for these prints come from? Tell us about the not-so-typical color choices.

KD: I just combine elements I like and experiment with colors until I find something that works.

Q: What does your creative process usually look like from project to project—what gets your creative juices flowing?

KD: I draw whenever I have ideas, take pictures/screenshots of things that spark an idea or write it down on my phone if I can’t sketch at the time.

Q: For those that may not know, would you call the cactus and pineapple prints surface patterns?

KD: Yes, they are often referred to as surface patterns. I use a variety of materials from markers to paint when I hand draw and also my iPad for digital drawings where you can use the tools that resemble physical art materials. When I do a design, I pick something I want to try and work with it until I like the result.

Q: Your style is very bold and unique—a lot of your work portrays movement, character and individual personality. Was there a specific moment in your life when you knew, "This is what "I" want to do professionally?

KD: I've always liked to draw from a young age, the challenge was finding a way to make it into a career. When I began to get attention from large brands and retailers I knew then that it was possible to make it into a career.

Q: You have had so much success with your work, what is it like to see your prints and patterns come to life within the collaborative work you do with other brands?

KD: It’s pretty cool to see things I’ve drawn turned into real products that exist for people to buy all over the world.

Q: Do you always carry a drawing pad or notebook with you when you go out? I can imagine that living in the city provides for constant inspiration, can you speak to that at all?

KD: I try to bring a small sketchbook and pen, but I don’t always remember to. If I forget, I just use my phone to take pictures or to write it down in the notes app.

Q: Would you say your style is ever-changing? Meaning, are you constantly testing out new techniques/ideas or would you say you have really mastered your art?

KD: It’s important to try new things so I usually try to do that whenever the mood strikes to keep things fresh.

Q: As a photographer/storyteller it is always my hope that others can learn from what I create and capture. When people wear or display your art is there a certain connection you hope they make with it? What is your ultimate goal—if any—for your work and the way others interact with it?

KD: I just hope people enjoy it and interpret it however they wish.




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