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Let's Save the Arctic

November 22, 2022

Polar bears are a vulnerable species.

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Daniel J Cox, Polar Bears International


Polar bears rely on sea ice that is natural in the Arctic landscape for hunting, mating, traveling, and even for shelter. Unfortunately, due to climate change and global warming, this sea ice is diminishing throughout the Arctic region. As their habitat is lost, polar bears are moving to the south, which increases the possibility of human-polar bear conflict. Organizations, such as Polar Bears International, are working for these interactions to become safer for both ends. 


United States Environmental Protection Agency

Not only is the fact that polar bears are being pushed south due to sea ice loss dangerous for humans, but it also is detrimental for polar bears. Human diseases and viruses that have never been introduced to polar bears are causing infections in the bears from the increased human activity. 

The Arctic area has a high percentage of toxic chemicals due to the wind and current bringing the pollution to the area. These are absorbed into the environment, which are consumed by the polar bears. 

Polar Bears International strives to make a difference in the fate of polar bears through education. By giving out vital information about polar bears and their current threats, they can make a difference to preserve sea ice and polar bears’ lives. In order to achieve this mission, there must be steps taken to lessen the greenhouse effect.

Polar Bears international successfully developed technology that is able to map dens of polar bears hidden in the snow. This protects the habitats of polar bears against industrial harm. A current threat to the species is the commercial activity, such as gas, oil, tourism, and shipping. Ships are being brought through the area which can harm polar bear dens. 


Daniel J Cox, Polar Bears International

The organization also worked to temporarily track polar bears through “Burr on Fur”. This, as well as motion-tracking radar, ensures the safety of both humans and polar bears as their ecosystems begin to overlap. By providing education to the frontline towns, they can be prepared for future interactions with polar bears and know what to expect. 

The organization also aims to get humans to fall in love with the species. By providing live Polar Bear Cams, people can watch and support these animals and become involved in conservation efforts. They aim to share their story with the world, reaching 2.2 million people worldwide in 2021 alone. Thanks to all the support, Polar Bears International was able to raise $6.1 million in assets in 2021. 

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Human-caused climate change is altering the landscape of Earth, which is directly affecting the lives of animals around the globe. By transitioning away from fossil fuels, we can make an impact against sea loss, helping polar bears to rebuild their home. Polar bears are expected to lose the majority of their population by the end of the century without working to lower carbon emissions.


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