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The True Meaning of Christmas🎁🎄

November 08, 2022

Here at Ivory Ella, we believe the true meaning of Christmas is spreading love and kindness to those who truly need it every day of the year. It’s a time to reflect on the status of our planet and do something meaningful that sparks change. Of course we love Santa, gift-giving and all things cozy, but we also believe in using our dollar to make a difference. This Holiday season, while you’re thinking about materialistic gifts to give, research brands that use their presence to make a positive impact.

Ivory Ella’s purpose is to raise a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves. Our holiday gift guide features items that your friends and family will love and that you will feel good giving. Every item from our site donates a minimum of 10% of net profits to a cause close to our hearts: saving the elephants. With each purchase, customers are donating to Save The Elephants, a foundation based in Kenya that works on the front lines of saving wildlife. Since Ivory Ella’s start in 2015, we have donated over $2 million to this amazing organization. Help us keep this movement alive and thriving. Click here to shop our Holiday Gift Guide.



This is what your dollar is doing. 


It’s no secret that elephants have been being poached for decades for their beautiful tusks. Elephants are killed on the daily by money-seeking humans looking to illegally sell their tusks through the ivory trade. This poaching has wiped out nearly 75% of African elephants since 1979, solely for profit purposes. Because of the ivory trade, elephants are considered an endangered species. Ivory Ella was created after the loss of 100,000 elephants between 2007-2015. The brand exists to support Save The Elephants in restoring elephant populations and fund new methods of conservation. Shop it here.

Save The Elephants works around the clock to protect elephant herds and communities. They track elephants across Africa to prevent them from facing harm during their travels and protect them from any danger that may cross their paths. Due to the severe drought currently drying out Africa, elephants are being forced to travel into unprotected lands that Save The Elephants cannot help them in. This is causing an increase in human-elephant conflict and therefore, elephant killings. Herds are being ripped apart and losing members. When you shop the Ivory Ella Gift Guide, you are helping Save The Elephants fund important technologies and research necessary to prevent the loss of even more elephants.

So far, Save The Elephants has utilized geo-fencing to naturally prevent elephants from entering dangerous territories. They use elephants’ fears and distates to stop them from entering land they cannot protect them in. These organic fences include bee-hive fences and chili fences. Elephants are scared of bees, so when they hear the buzz of one, they redirect their path. Similarly, elephants do not like chili. Save The Elephants builds fences utilizing chili peppers so that elephants will smell the vegetable and lose any appeal to wander in that direction. Both of these mechanisms are harmless to elephants and save elephants from entering colonies in which humans may pose a threat. Help Save The Elephants create additional fences to cover more grounds to keep elephants safe by shopping our Holiday Gift Guide here.


African elephants are currently encountering one of the harshest droughts they have had to face. It is leaving herds without water, food, and crucial nutrients. Save The Elephants, unfortunately, is unable to maintain the health of the elephants with this lack of natural resources. However, monitoring and researching movements and behaviours of wild elephants helps define and protect their natural corridors, allowing these highly resilient animals to move and adapt to the changing environment. Help us help Save The Elephants protect vital elephant habitats by shopping the Ivory Ella Gift Guide this Holiday season.




It’s where your purchase has a purpose.


Need the perfect gift for your best friend, mom, sister, girlfriend, or self? Who doesn’t love an adorable, cozy gift that makes a difference? The Holidays are for so much more than presents, so warm the hearts of everyone around you with a gesture that gives back. 

Spark conversation. Spark smiles. Save The Elephants.





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