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Inspiration Behind the Childhood Cancer Tee

September 03, 2017

Our Childhood Cancer Tee was inspired by our dear friend, Megan Bugg. Our brainstorming session this past June consisted of a lot of colored pencils, thoughtful doodles and simultaneous laughter. Megan's number one goal is to spread awareness about childhood cancer and share her story so that others can be inspired to never lose hope. Learn more about Megan's design choices and how this project came to be in our Q+A below!

Q: What inspired the lotus flower and what was the connection you drew from it?

A. The lotus flower really inspired me because of the way it grows. It starts underground and then blooms into a beautiful flower. I connected with this because I know that I can come out of the darkness and bloom into something great once I beat this awful disease.

Q: Your color choices stand strong together, but also offer a calming vibe. Why did you choose the colors you did?

A: I chose purple because it is my favorite color. It also feels very peaceful when I look at it.

Q: What was it like to influence such an important collection?

A: It was an amazing experience being able to create this collection and spread awareness.

IE: Name one of your favorite memories from the first design meeting you had at the Ivory Ella HQ.

A: There were so many incredible memories, but one thing that stood out the most was how sweet everyone was; such loving and caring people. I will forever cherish the IE team and the smiles they brought to my face.

Q: What do you hope the Childhood Cancer Collection brings to others?

A: I hope this collection makes other people realize how important it is to spread awareness for childhood cancer. The world has to start funding for our kids and understand that childhood cancer is not as rare as one may think - 4% will never be enough. Kids are our future and we have to stand up.

Q: What was your biggest take away from this whole experience?

A: What I took away from this was that there are amazing people in the world that truly care. The staff at Ivory Ella taught me to live everyday to the fullest and to not take anything for granted!




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