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World Elephant Day 2017

August 11, 2017

Illustrated by Linh Doan

One of the ways we kicked off World Elephant Day, 2017, is to announce our partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo here in our home state of Rhode Island. Alongside the work we do with Save The Elephants, we believe passionately in supporting our community. When we learned that our local zoo was caring for African elephants both here and abroad, it was a no-brainer.

We feel humbled and honored to lend support to a local organization that demonstrates a true commitment of care for all animals. Our name - Ivory Ella - attached to the elephant yard provides us with another platform to utilize our voices and educate those around us about African elephants; a magnificent species that few may encounter in their homeland.

Alice, Katie and Ginny - the three female elephants at Roger Williams Park Zoo - have allowed us all to connect on a common ground. Like us, this organization is deeply involved with global elephant conservation, supports anti-poaching initiatives and continues to partner with several global organizations who work to advocate for these precious creatures.

Over the next couple of years, we hope to continue to spread awareness about African elephants on a local level. Together, we stand strong for these animals and encourage others to take advantage of the expertise and resources at RWPZ.

Fun facts about Alice, Katie and Ginny:

Alice has a small "V" notch in the middle of her right ear!
Ginny is the largest elephant of the herd and her left tusk is much shorter than her right!
Katie is the tallest and most dominate elephant of the three.




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