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Our Fall Drink Guide

August 26, 2019

It's never too early to start thinking about fall flavors, especially ones you can carry with you. We just added new tumblers to our Tervis Collection and the hand-drawn patterns are some of our favorites yet. Whether you're on campus, running errands, or hanging out at home every sip you take from your Ivory Ella drinkware not only helps save the elephants, but the environment too. Let's all cheers to reducing our single-use plastic one day at a time!

- Shop Stainless Steel Tervis Paisley Elephant 12oz Tumbler
- Shop Stainless Steel Tervis Blossom Pattern 12oz Tumbler

- Shop Stainless Steel Tervis Blossom Pattern 20oz Tumbler
- Shop Stainless Steel Tervis Paisley Elephant 20oz Tumbler

- Shop Tervis Paisley Elephant 16oz Tumbler
- Shop Tervis Paisley Elephant 24oz Tumbler

Let's be honest, it's so easy to grab bottle of water while on the go — it's convenient, packable and at hand in any grocery or convenient store. Also, let's not forget about the endless plastic cups (tall, grande, venti...), lids and straws from your favorite coffee spot. Instead, we challenge you to try grabbing your Tervis: throw one in your car, in your purse/bag and keep one out in the kitchen; make it your new easy. These are all simple steps that will help you reduce your daily plastic consumption. Don't forget to share your tips with family and friends!

*PRO TRAVEL TIP: You can pack an empty reusable bottle when going through airport security and then fill it once you are through. Most airports have filtered water bottle filling stations!  

Sadly, plastic has littered our planet. Americans send more than 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year, the equivalent of 912 million gallons of oil, which is used to make plastic. If laid end to end, that’s enough bottles to travel to the moon and back 10 times. If we don't start making little changes the environment is going to continue to suffer, including the land our cherished elephants walk on. Make a pledge with us to stop single-use plastic, our Tervis Collection can help you get started.

Try tracking your daily plastic use and see how much of a positive change you can make weekly: plastic calculator

We want to see how you use your Tervis! Try one (or all!) of these recipes, tag us [@ivoryella] and use these hashtags: #IvoryEllaLifestyle, #FillThisNotOceans, #TakeYourTervis



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