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Celebrate With Us

August 12, 2019

We are dedicated to securing a future for elephants and with that comes a great deal of responsibility and understanding. As one of this planet’s most influential keystone species the pressure is on our generation to put a stop to their rapid disappearance. We can all learn from these gentle giants and their keen sense of compassion—they may stand mighty, but their existence on this earth is delicate and we cannot afford to lose their thunderous crucial steps.

“If elephants didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent one. They belong to a small group of living things so unlikely they challenge credulity and common sense.” -LYALL WATSON

What’s not to love about an elephant? They hold the spot for being the largest land mammal on this earth, but are proven to have kindred spirits and a true understanding of love. They use their trunks to assist themselves in drinking water, but also use them to trumpet in joy when another elephant returns to their herd. When on the move the healthier elephants will stop and wait for the slower, weaker ones to catch up. Their size [a female African bush elephant can weigh up to 8,000 pounds!] is not a threat, it’s a walking miracle.

To help save the elephants we must first educate ourselves, which means we must face the harsh reality of their existence in this world today. It’s no secret that African elephants are in great danger and are still being killed for their ivory at an unimaginable rate. It’s estimated that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes for their ivory; we’re losing about 100 per day. According to the Elephant Crisis Fund, it’s likely that nearly 30% of Africa’s elephants have been lost in the span of this last decade. Just in the first half of 2019, the number of seizures of illegal ivory accounted for about 5,000 dead elephants, and that number does not include what wasn’t detected by law enforcement authorities. More than half of the known continental decline comes from Tanzania, which in the mid-1970s held the largest elephant population in Africa.

Kenyan conservationist Ian Douglas-Hamilton, Founder and Senior Scientist at Save The Elephants, conducted the first reliable valuation of Africa's elephants from 1976 to 1979, which was an estimated total of 1.3 million. Today, there are only about 415,000 elephants across Africa. At this alarming rate, if we don’t do something drastic now, elephants could go extinct in the next decade.

Luckily, the Elephant Crisis Fund reported that for the first six months of 2019 several significant arrests were made which are likely to lead to disruption and perhaps even dismantling of major transnational trafficking networks.

Why must poachers kill an elephant to get its tusks?

Elephants use their tusks, which are actually their teeth, for digging out grasses and roots, excavating for water, removing bark from trees, clearing out brush and more. As an integral part of an elephant and their everyday tasks their tusks are alive, just like human teeth. Only about two-thirds of an elephant’s tusk is visible, with the remainder being lodged in tooth sockets and their skull cavity. When poachers attack an elephant for its tusks they cut into the elephant to get as much ivory as they can and then leave them for a slow, painful death.

Other than the vicious cycle of the ivory trade, elephants also face threats from climate change, loss of their natural habitat from humans and human elephant conflict (like elephants coming into contact with local farms). There are many organizations like Save The Elephants and the Elephant Crisis Fund (which is a joint initiative of Save the Elephants) fighting for elephants on the ground, every day. At Ivory Ella we are proud to partner with Save The Elephants and have donated over $1 million since our start in 2015 thanks to YOU!! We ARE the generation that is going to stop the loss of our elephants because sadly, we are their only and last hope.

- Wear brands that align with your values and beliefs - First and foremost we wouldn’t be able to help our ellies without you and your support. When you chose to wear Ivory Ella, you chose to make a difference. Show your support for other brands that are also working to save elephants, rhinos and other wildlife!
- Donate and support other organizations like Elephant Crisis Fund, Save the ElephantsWorld Wildlife Fund and Oceana (to name a few).
- Educate your friends and family - Not everyone knows about the elephant crisis, let alone what they can do to help. Use social media to help spread awareness about the issue and never buy, sell or wear anything containing ivory.
- Do your research - We love to read the Monthly Trumpet, keep up with National Geographic and their amazing documentary work and stay educated about the everyday challenges elephants continue to face.
- Take care of the earth we walk on - Ultimately climate change will have a BIG impact on our precious elephants even if we’re able to stop poaching. Remember it’s not about being perfect, as every little bit helps: Pick up trash, recycle, reduce your use of single-use plastic, energy and water. Click here for a list of tips on how you can reduce your environmental impact.
- Be proud of your voice, it is strong! Talk about the issues our planet faces and be a voice for change. People can learn so much from you and your passion(s). Teach others about what’s happening in our world today and how they can make an impact. To start, tell them about your favorite give back brands.
- Continue to wear your Ivory Ella and help us in spreading our mission!

    We invite you to join our herd, raise your trunk and rumble the ground like thunder. Rock your Ella, and remember that your purchase is part of the 10% that gives back. Elephants are known to be one of the most resilient creatures on this planet and their story can be changed. Poachers are being stopped more than ever before and the movement against climate change is in full swing. Let’s make a difference this World Elephant Day, on this day and from every day onwards!



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