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Every year over 30,000 elephants are killed for their ivory. One every 15 minutes. The Elephant Crisis Fund, a coalition that spans across 23 countries, supports 59 organizations, and has funded 114 projects to date, seeks to end this tragedy. Every penny donated to this cause goes directly to the field with zero overhead. All of this, in the name of saving elephants. Both our partner, Save the Elephants, and the Wildlife Conservation Network are founding members of this project. Together they have worked to determine which organizations and projects are most admirable and deserving of the funds raised by this alliance.

The Elephant Crisis Fund aims to raise $15 million to ensure they can help as many elephants as possible. Their plan to reach this goal is the Knot On My Planet movement. The campaign is inspired by the tradition of tying a knot in order to remember something, since the welfare of elephants seems to have been forgotten. The idea is to unite the fashion industry with this spectacular cause. Ivory Ella is partnering with these amazing organizations to encourage people to tie a knot to #NeverForgetElephants. This will be done by incredible supporters like you all over social media in hopes of informing and inspiring people to join the movement and remember that elephants need our help!

If you want to join our mission and help protect elephants, you can donate to this cause above.