When did Ivory Ella launch?

  • We launched Ivory Ella on April 18th, 2015.

Where is your company located?

  • Ivory Ella is located in¬†Westerly, Rhode Island.¬†

Do you have a customer service phone line I can call?

  • We are available by phone at (888)925-7005 Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM EST, excluding holidays. Please feel free to contact us at that number or send an email to¬†support@ivoryella.com.

How much of the proceeds go to Save The Elephants?

  • We donate¬†10% of net profits to savetheelephants.org! Our donations aid in the¬†research of elephant behavior and ecology, the protection of elephants from ivory poachers and traffickers, and in raising awareness of the plight of the elephants.

Do you donate to other charitable causes too?

  • Occasionally, we create special prints or items where we donate additional money to causes such as: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Project Sunshine, Hearts and Bones, and more!

How much money have you donated so far?

  • We have donated $1,900,000 to savetheelephants.org and other charitable causes since April 2015!

How long will it take to receive my order within the U.S.?

  • We make every effort to¬†process orders within 3¬†business days¬†of when they are received. But most orders are shipped much quicker. Some even go out the same day the¬†order is placed!
  • Once the package is shipped it can take 3-6 business days to be¬†delivered.

How long will it take to receive my international order?

  • International orders are shipped within 3¬†business days and usually take between 7-15 days to deliver.

Will I be notified when my order is shipped?

  • Yes! You will receive¬†a confirmation email after¬†you have placed your order, and another when your order is sent out.¬†

Will I receive a tracking number?

  • Yes of course! All orders¬†include tracking. The tracking number¬†will be sent to the email that you provided¬†at checkout,¬†as soon as your order ships. Please note that the Order Number is not your tracking number.¬†

I ordered from outside the US, can I still track my order?

  • Yes! You can enter your tracking number here.

What is your U.S. return policy?

  • We accept returns for 45 days from the ship date.¬†
  • To make a return, start by visiting our Returns Page, where your return will be authorized. You will then receive an email with step-by-step instructions and a prepaid shipping label.
  • We do not currently offer traditional exchanges, but you will receive an instant refund code which can be used to place a new order right away, instead of having to wait for an exchange to be processed.¬†

I want to receive a refund for my return instead of a credit. When will I get it?

  • Please allow up to 7¬†business days from the time your return is delivered to us for the refund to be processed.

I received an incorrect/damaged item. What should I do?

  • If you received an incorrect item or damaged item please visit our Returns Page, within 45 days of placing your order, where your return will be authorized. You will then receive an email with step-by-step instructions and a prepaid shipping label.
  • Please email us directly at support@ivoryella.com, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your return.

Can I exchange an item if I am not from the United States?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate returns¬†for customers outside of the U.S through our online return portal.¬†
  • If you would like to return your order for a refund, you will be responsible for any charges incurred when shipping¬†the product(s) back to us.¬†

    I love my new shirt! How should I wash it?

    • Due to the dying process we recommend hand washing all shirts individually in cold water with¬†a mild detergent for the first few washes.¬†
    • After that, please wash the shirt in cold water with like colors.¬†
    • We do not recommend the use of stain removers on our products as it can cause discoloration to the dye.

      Will my card be charged when I order?

      • All customers are charged at the time of purchase as this is how our website¬†platform functions.¬†

      When I place an item in my cart or wishlist, is it reserved for any period of time?

      • Placing an available item in your shopping cart and/or wishlist does not reserve that item.
      • Available inventory is only assigned to your order after you place your order and receive an e-mail confirmation that we've received your order.

      Are the packages that you use branded, or do they have a logo on the exterior?

      • Yes, our mailers are branded and it will be apparent that the package has come from Ivory Ella.¬†Please keep this in mind and observe tracking information¬†when ordering gifts.¬†
      Do you have any promotional material to send me, such as stickers?
      • If you send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and your best drawing of an elephant¬†to Ivory Ella P.O. Box 1908 Westerly, RI 02891, we would be happy to send you some¬†stickers!