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The Perfect #DIY Halloween Costumes for 2022

October 19, 2022

October is a count-down to one thing… Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, Halloween! The spookiest, coziest, and downright most exciting time of the year! It’s not too late to head to our site and pick out the winner of your costume contest! Our looks are inspired by costumes you know and love, all while being cute and comfy. Is there anything better? Pair together pieces of our collection for that perfect #DIY costume.



An Out of This World Costume

I.E. phone home! What better way to rock Halloween than dressing as an alien? For this costume, we recommend sporting our Galaxy Swirl Tie Dye Sweatpants paired with the Alien Invasion Tee. Want to step it up a notch? Grab some alien sunglasses and antenna from a costume store and you’re all set! It’s better to be safe than Starry this Halloween! You’ll be sure to leave everyone star-struck.


V-amp up your costume!

Why not just dress up as your favorite Halloween furry friend?! This vampire cat will impress all of your friends. Not only does it pair items you might already have, but it’ll, for sure, be the cutest costume at the party. Start off with our Vampire Cat T-Shirt from the Halloween launch, and tuck it into our Pleated Skort. Simple cat ears, some vampire fangs, and suddenly we’re in Transylvania! Be sure to look on the Bite side of things for Halloween, because this costume is Neck level! It's where cuteness meets spooky.


Wild about Halloween

…and on your left you’ll see that we are approaching the most stylish safari guide there ever was! Show off your animal knowledge this Halloween, all while saving the elephants! Use our Corduroy Bucket Hat, safari themed IE T-Shirt, Butterfly Camo High-Waisted Shorts, and an elephant stuffed animal to complete the uniform. Grab some binoculars for those far off animals on the tour. This costume is not going to be irr-elephant this Halloween. 


a2 + b2 = cuteness overload

This year, combine cute, casual, and calculus! Such minimal effort can bring together a complete look! Your favorite Pleated Skort matched with the Blue Striped Polo will instantly give you that ready-for-class look! Grab a Corduroy Backpack, plus some accessories like glasses and suspenders. No math necessary to calculate your cuteness! 


Costumes Tie-Dye For 

If Ivory Ella is known for one style, it’s Tie-Dye! These tees and hoodies will help you achieve the perfect hippie look no matter what the temperature is Halloween night! Pair with Daisy Relaxed Sweatpants, some circle sunglasses, and a choker, and you’ll be the most groovy hippie at the party. This far-out costume is tie-dye for!


Shell-abrate Spooky Season!

You and this costume were mer-maid for each other! Bright colors, seashells, and tie-dye combined to create the most beachy, mermaid costume. Stay comfy and cute this Halloween. Grab any ocean Ivory Ella tee, such as our What the Shell Tee, Sunset T Shirt, Painted Shells T-Shirt, or the Tide Pool Ombre Tie Dye Tank, and match it with the Purple Verbena High Waisted Shorts. Water you waiting for? Head to Ivory Ella to shop!


These outfit ideas can be your inspiration for a fun-filled Halloween costume! A few simple accessories can transform a comfy ‘fit into a full-blown costume. Be sure to tag us in your creations using Ivory Ella pieces, a little creativity goes a long way! We cannot wait to see where your imagination took you!





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