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Giving Tuesday, and Every Day.

December 03, 2019

On December 3, we launched 48 hours of giving. All donations made will go directly to our friends at Save The Elephants. Plus, we pledge to match donations up to $10K. The money raised will help better protect our ele-friends, like Luna.

Film released by Save the Elephants. Footage: Robbie Labanowski
Save the Elephants Music: Sebastian Fox

Today and every day, we encourage you to talk about your donation, what it means to you and the mission it supports. Here is the impact we can achieve, together:
  • $3,000 will purchase an elephant monitoring collar
  • $1,000 can keep STE’s bush planes in the air for nearly 3 hours of aerial patrols
  • $600 will pay for a local ranger's salary for three months
  • $250 will pay for veterinary drugs used during a collaring mission
  • $100 will pay for a week's worth of internet at our research camp in Samburu

Change within you is change within reach, which means we are one step closer in securing a future for our beloved elephants.

A note from our CEO:

We’re honored to have you helping us help the planet we all share. Today. Tomorrow. And every day.



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