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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes From Ivory Ella

September 30, 2020

Fall is underway, which means one thing: you NEED to start preparing your Halloween costume! 2020 has been out of the ordinary, to say the least, so no worries if planning a costume hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list. Ivory Ella has you covered, and is here to help inspire fun Halloween costume ideas! We’ve pulled some of YOUR favorite I.E. products, added a dash of creativity, and compiled a list of all our favorite festive looks. Check out the unique DIY Halloween costumes we came up with!

Elephant DIY Costume

Don’t be irrELEPHANT when it comes to this wildlife trend!


Would this blog post have even been written by us if we didn’t suggest an elephant ensemble? In the last few years, we have seen adorable animals inspire the Halloween costume choices of Millennials and Generation Z alike, and you know us, if it involves cute wildlife - we are in! Lucky for you, Ivory Ella has an array of elephant clothing and apparel options that covers the majority of your elephant costume must-haves in one simple stop. Match one of our many elephant tees with a pair of our Greystone Leggings, and you’re pretty much good to go. Add a pair of elephant ears from Amazon to really go the extra mile in completing your elephant Halloween costume!

Shop the look: Long Sleeve T-ShirtLeggingsElephant Ears via Amazon 


Hippie DIY Costume
Let’s get WILD, flower child.


Dressing up as a hippie for Halloween is never a bad choice, especially when it’s 5 pm on Halloween day and you still need a quick and easy Halloween costume to throw on before that big (socially-distanced) party. Thankfully for you, our colorful tie-dye clothing and collection of all things bold and bright are sure to bring out your inner free spirit! Simply put, our Hacci Wide Leg Pant and Cami set are tie-dye for. You’ll certainly be the comfiest one at the party, in addition to being the most stylish. Top off your trendy hippie costume with some IE scrunchies, an IE face mask, some round glasses, and, of course, a flower crown. Needless to say, you’ll be looking groovy in this fashionable and fun hippie Halloween costume.

Shop the look: Hacci Tank, Hacci Pants, Scrunchie Set, Face Mask, Hippie Accessories via Amazon


80's DIY Costume
GHOULS just wanna have fun


Take it back to the ’80s this Halloween season with one of Ivory Ella’s FAVORITE DIY looks. Our biker shorts and cropped tee duo make for the perfect vintage workout costume. With one of our scrunchies in your hair (did someone say side-pony?) and another on your wrist, we won’t be able to tell the difference between you and that old photo of your mom in her aerobics class. Complete your 80’s workout costume with a pair of high socks or leg warmers and some sneakers and you’re all set to dance the night away… or hit those jumping jacks, it’s really up to you.

 Shop the look: Crop Tee, Bike Shorts, Scrunchie Set, Socks 


Quarantine DIY Costume
Is QUARANTINE over yet?


Now, this is the perfect Halloween look for those of you who have not found the motivation to put jeans on since March (it’s okay, we feel you). Fortunately, Halloween does not always call for dressing up in fancy, new attire. If you have the guts to go out in something as scary as your quarantine dress code, then mega props to you - we are in full support. We have plenty of comfy lounge clothes that can be mixed and matched to form that perfectly disheveled look for a quarantine costume you’ll love. With messy hair tied back in one of our IE scrunchies and an IE hoodie blanket wrapped around your shoulders, it will be like quarantine never ended. Your friends will surely be having flashbacks to those long months spent laying on the couch watching TikToks for 7 hours straight in the same cozy clothes from yesterday.

Shop the look: Terry Joggers, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Hoodie Blanket, Scrunchie Set


Cat DIY Costume
Fashion Fur-ward


A classic black cat costume is one of the most iconic symbols of Halloween, so if you dare to take on this look, make sure you read all our tips to nailing it! Our black Halloween long sleeve tee is the BEST purchase for this comfy costume. Not only will it help you slay your creative Halloween cat display, but it can be worn to celebrate every seasonal festivity throughout the month of October. This fun Halloween t-shirt matched with a pair of our favorite black leggings is equally as fashionable as it is simple! To complete your DIY cat costume, grab a cat ear headband and a tail to pin on the leggings. If you really want to PURR-fect the look, use eyeliner to paint some whiskers on your cheeks!

Shop the look: Bat Halloween T-Shirt, Leggings, Cat Accessories via Amazon


Alien DIY Costume

Give me SPACE.


If you are feeling EXTRA-terrorestrial this Halloween season, then our awesome alien Halloween costume is the perfect option for you. Our Orchid Tie-Dye Bralette and Leggings are not only an excellent activewear set for hitting the gym in style, but also for achieving that ethereal, space-creature look this Halloween. The vibrant colors of the fabric, along with their light-weight material will have you LOOKING and FEELING out of this world on Halloween night. Finishing touches include sporting a glittery antenna headband and a pair of fun glasses that can be purchased from Amazon or at a nearby store. Throw some glitter in your hair and play with different makeup to really make this alien-inspired look your own. Show off this creative Halloween costume and we guarantee there will be no alien better dressed in sight!

Shop the look: Tie Dye Leggings, Tie Dye Bralette, Alien Accessories via Amazon

These six fun and creative Halloween costume ideas are only a few of the many ways that Ivory Ella products can be dressed up to create your own unique DIY Halloween costumes at home! We cannot wait to see how your imagination transforms our styles. Tag us in photos of you and your friends utilizing IE this Halloween for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

Happy Halloween!



Halloween Costumes

September 30, 2020

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