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All About Tracking + Tusks

October 29, 2021

What’s happening in the world of the ellies? We’re here to keep you up to date on everything! 

Did you know… 

Our primary charity organization, Save the Elephants, uses advanced tracking technology to monitor the movements of elephants in their natural habitats. Tracking the elephants has led to fundamental insights into how they live and make decisions. It also has proven to be a valuable tool in the fight against ivory poaching. Tracking is done by placing a (very safe) special collar onto the animal. Data is then sent via satellite and analyzed to ensure elephants are safe! One thing that professionals look for is abnormal immobility - or when an elephant stops moving around. This could indicate that the animal is in danger or needs help. Help us support this awesome technology! 10% of all our net profits are donated to Save the Elephants. 

What else is going on??

Due to elephant poaching in some areas of Mozambique, an increasing percentage of the elephant population is evolving to be born without tusks. This happens because elephants are poached for the ivory in their tusks, so natural-born tuskless elephants are not targeted as much by poachers. This leaves more and more tuskless elephants behind to reproduce -  you guessed it - more tuskless elephants. 

Why is this bad? 

Not only are tusks one of the elephant’s most prominent and defining features, but they are crucial to survival in the wild. Tusks help elephants gather food, lift objects, and act as a tool for self defense when in danger. 

We are committed to ending elephant poaching across the world! And every purchase you make with us helps to one day make that dream a reality.


Photograph: David Daballen via Save the Elephants



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