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Ivory Ella Gives Back

June 01, 2016

This past week a few members of our team had the privilege of visiting the Hasbro Children’s hospital in Providence, RI. Hasbro is well known as the area’s premier children’s hospital and prides itself on not only providing excellent medical care but also a warm and welcoming environment for its patients.



Noah loved his stickers so much he pasted them all over his outfit!

Our team met oncology patients ranging from ages 2 to 24 and handed out shirts and other goodies to brighten up their days!

One of the little boy’s mother reached out to us after the visit.

“Thank you for visiting our little guy in the hospital on Wednesday. It has been a very stressful week for us, as parents, and seeing our little Noah with that bright orange tee-shirt and beautiful stickers made us smile. Hasbro is a very special place. Thank you for being here!”

We love having the opportunity to give back to our community and it was heartwarming to see the smiles we could bring to the kids faces!