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10 Ways to Add Adventure Into Your School Year

August 24, 2022

It's time to head back to school! At Ivory Ella, we are ALL about adventuring. We hope everyone spends the new school year discovering new places, people, and qualities about yourself. Here is a list of 10 ways to add adventure into your school year. Read through them to make this the best year YET!



1. Plan “Me Time” directly in your schedule.

Set aside a few nights a week to indulge in yourself! Whether that means checking out a local library, exploring a new museum, taking a walk or a hike, or even just reading an adventure novel, adventure is right at your fingertips. Having a scheduled piece of time set ahead allows you to finish homework and studying beforehand. Being able to spend time doing something you want to do will improve your mental health, release any stressors, and have some fun while you’re doing it!


2. Need to study? Take your books to a local park to relax amidst nature. 

Bring your flashcards, notebooks, textbooks, and a highlighter, and get outside! Nature provides natural white noise to help you focus, not to mention a little bit of sunshine. Inspiration is often found in places you least expect it. Plus, anyone could use a little more time outside of their cramped bedroom or dorm. Getting some fresh air has been proven to aid in clarity to your mind, which can improve your studies. Your focus and concentration can also be improved by the great outdoors. 

3. Going to school out of town? Take time to explore!

You would be surprised how much history is encompassed in your university and the surrounding town. Make sure to check out the museums that hold your town’s history and the heritage room of the library. These hold old newspapers and yearbooks that can teach you a lot about the birth of the area. You may discover some hidden gems within town. You never know what you may find if you just get out and explore!


4. Exercise by taking a hike or outdoor run.

Get that heart rate up while enjoying the great outdoors. There is no equipment required for these full body workouts, plus you will feel great afterwards. It can be easy to lose track of time and not have any motivation to workout when starting college. A hike feels more like an adventure than a workout, guaranteed for a moment of fun and relaxation. Plus, the view can’t be beat from the top!

5. Join your school’s nature club. Don’t have one? Start one!

Get together some friends, write up a constitution, find an advisor, and pitch the club to the university! That is all that is really needed for a fully functional club. Set a meeting time once or twice a month to really immerse yourself in nature. Visit the botanical garden, go to a butterfly garden, plant trees at your college, go out for a group hike; the sky's the limit with adventures you could take as a club! 


6. Weekend road trips. There’s a lot to explore not far from home!

Encourage your friends to go out on a road trip! Either draw from a hat the location of the weekend, or take turns picking places to go. The glory about road trips is that distance doesn’t matter! There is so much to see and explore only 20 minutes away! Be creative. 

7. If there’s room in your schedule, study abroad!

Most college’s offer programs to travel abroad at sister schools across the world. Check to ensure that your major has room to take classes at other universities. Being able to immerse yourself into a brand new culture will impact your academics, and really the rest of your life. There is so much to learn about the world, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so in one of life’s greatest adventures. 

8. Participate in the travel programs your school may offer.

Many schools offer students the opportunity to take short travel trips for about a day to somewhere close by. Take this opportunity to explore another city! Wanting to travel for longer? Participate in service trips over break. These experiences will allow you to truly grow as an individual while giving back to those in need. There is nothing more impactful than giving time, energy, and hardwork, all while having some fun!


9. Going somewhere close? Walk or bike, instead!

Not only does this give you a boost of energy and a great workout, but it allows you to take time to take in your surroundings. It is so easy to just want to get places as quickly as possible, but it’s great to start to appreciate what is around you. Feel free to go off the beaten path now and again to explore new areas and develop a greater appreciation for adventure!

10. Make a Vision Board of what you hope to accomplish adventurously. 

Vision boards are a great way to visualize your goals. Start by finding locations you would love to travel to in magazines or newspapers, cut them out, and attach to your vision board. Everyone has their dream destinations! From here, include motivational quotes, your favorite colors, and other papers you’ve collected. Keep the board at your desk or above your bed. As you look at it, you will be inspired to complete the adventures you have envisioned!


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